Exclusive Videos

Best Of Takeshi's Castle 2023

Our hand-picked highlights from the revival series, voiced by Tom and Romesh. Specially wrapped up in a nostalgic package for fans of the classic UK series!

30 Years of Takeshi's Castle

A special video to celebrate three decades of our favourite gameshow. Including unseen clips, Takeshi's Castle around the world, and every victory ever!

 The Top Ten Games

For our 10th anniversary we ran a series of polls to determine the definitive top ten Takeshi's Castle games. Discover how the Keshi-heads of the world voted in this celebratory video.

Remixed A-Z of Takeshi's Castle

Take some fresh Tani, mix with classic Craig and sprinkle with original music and graphics. Voila! It's our exclusive Remixed A to Z. Just as it should have been!

Remixed Takeshi's Castle Awards: Pt 1

We take a look back at 100 of the most memorable Takeshi's Castle moments ever. Plus special bonus features, all-new Tani, classic Craig & your all-time favourite clips.

Unseen Takeshi's Castle

Takeshi's Castle Remixed

As Seen On TV