Takeshi's Castle Thailand is a revival of the cult classic Japanese comedy gameshow "Fuuun! Takeshi Jou" ("Showdown! Takeshi's Castle").

Takeshi's Castle
The show is based around the story of the ruthless Shogun Takeshi, who has kidnapped the elegant Princess Woonsen and imprisoned her in his castle. Each episode, the determined General Shahkrit gathers an army of consenting combatants with the aim of storming Takeshi's castle and rescuing Woonsen - the love of his life.

Army of Contestants
In order to reach the castle, Shahkrit's army must battle through the absurd games, and depraved guards, that the Shogun has put in the way in an attempt to halt such an invasion. Upon reaching the Takeshi's stronghold, those who have survived the challenges so far must now take part in one final assault.

In this Show Down, the attacking contestants have to break the paper ring on the Shogun Doll's cart to win the battle. If team is successful in doing this they have beaten Takeshi, stormed the castle, and have won the jackpot (see Prizes)!

Honeycomb Maze
Originally, the games whittled down an army of 100 contestants until only a few remained for the final battle; but from episode 50 onwards the rules changed. Now twenty contestants begin each show and no one gets eliminated. Instead, how they fare in the games determines the number of carts they can use in the Show Down.

The army begins the episode with 10 carts, but being unsuccessful in a game will cause this number to be reduced - with all the lost carts being given over to the guards instead.

Lose 0 Carts ↓ Lose 1 Cart ↓ Lose 2 Carts ↓
Starting Game All 20 contestants
clear the game
Not all contestants
clear the game
Main Game 5 contestants
win the game
3-4 contestants
win the game
0-2 contestants
win the game

From episode 69 onwards, only twelve contestants begin each show. Now less wins per game are required to keep hold of the Show Down carts.

Lose 0 Carts ↓ Lose 1 Cart ↓ Lose 2 Carts ↓
Starting Game All 12 contestants
clear the game
Not all contestants
clear the game
Main Game 3 contestants
win the game
X 0-2 contestants
win the game

Takeshi's Castle Thailand; Hod, Mun, Ha ("Cruel, Thrilling, Fun")  was first broadcast on the 20th July 2014. It aired on Thailand's Channel 7 every Sunday at 2:45pm, with most episodes running for one and three-quarter hours. The final episode was broadcast on 15th May 2016.

Shogun and Sidekicks
The first few episodes began with an animation introducing the story of Shogun Takeshi and Princess Woonsen's kidnapping. After the intro, we see the new army of contestants arriving to join the waiting General Shahkrit; who gives a pep talk to the contestants. He is joined by his assistant Plakung, and half-friend half-foe Fern the ninja. The trio talk with some of the contestants, before they are all sent into the first game.

Next we visit the Shogun and his sidekicks in the castle, who set the scene for the episode with a comedic introduction. There is audience of other castle inhabitants watching the goings-on, along with Princess Woonsen who is sits alone to the side of the room. The first game is introduced as everyone in the castle watches on.

Castle Interlude
Between each challenge there are regular scenes inside the castle. These comedy segments often relate to what is going on within the main game, but are also used for sketches and amusing exchanges between the Shogun, Khom, Bon and Woonsen. Special guests also appear, and take part in the skits and gags.

After making it trough all the games that face them, it's time for the final few undefeated contestants to attack the castle. If the contestants lose, Shahkrit speaks dejectedly to the audience and then runs off to get ready forhis next attack. If the contestants win, Shahkrit celebrates with the remaining members of his army and awards the prize money in the form of a giant cheque. Meanwhile inside the castle it's chaos - the Shogun isn't happy, and Woonsen is hidden away to keep her from being rescued!

The first 28 episodes of Takeshi's Castle Thailand were filmed in Sattahip, Thailand; between the Thai Naval Base and Samaesan Villa Village. From episode 30, the show moved to Nakhon Ratchasima - just to the north of Khao Yai National Park.

From episode 50 onwards; if contestants don't totally beat a single game, the team will be forced to face a punishment. Presided over by the Punishment Samurais, there are a range of forfeits that players may have to suffer.

#01 Cold Feet Contestants must stand barefoot in a bath of ice for 1 or 2 minutes.
#02 Bum Shot Kneeling in a human pyramid, contestants have cannonballs fired at their backsides.
#03 Wax Off Male contestants have a waxing strip stuck on to, and torn off of, their legs.
#04 Tongue-Fried Contestants have their tongues brushed with wasabi paste.
#05 Fit to Burst Contestants wear a shirt with a balloon underneath, which is then inflated until it bursts.
#06 Pit Face Contestants faces are rubbed in the armpit of a sweaty overweight person.
#07 Ping Pong Pain Contestants have table tennis balls served at their faces.
#08 Bucket Triste Contestants are tied to a contraption that tips bucketfuls of various liquids over them.
#09 Stuck and Blow Three contestants are tied by their arms, covered in sticky liquid, and have powerful fans blow powder at them.


A cash prize is awarded to the contestants that manage to beat the Shogun.
In the first 24 episodes, if there was no winner the prize money rolled over and was added to the next week's million-baht prize.

Regular Prizes
Type Amount Given to... Given out...
Main Prize
Eps 50-82
฿5,000,000 The army that beats Takeshi in the Show Down Upon a Show Down win
Main Prize
Eps 1-49
฿1,000,000 The contestants that beat Takeshi in the Show Down Upon a Show Down win
Player of the Game Award ฿10,000 The contestants who give their best effort, or are the most amusing To select contestants in episodes 1 - 24

Below is a list of winners and the jackpot totals. Click the button to reveal them.

 Show Down Victories 
Episode Number of Contestants Prize Money


Numerous visitors have dropped by the castle or arrived on the battlefield. Here's the Shogun's guestlist.

Ep# Guest Profession Character/Role
 Episodes 1 - 28 
Episodes 30+
30 Pang Prakasit Bosuwan Actor, Singer Battle Strategist
Giftza Piya Pongkullapa Singer, Actress Battle Strategist
Jaturong Mokjok Ponlaboon Actor, Director Father
Frankfurt Jaturapak Ponlaboon - Son
33 Big Thongpoom Siripipat Actor, Model Policeman
Joy Chuanchuen Comedienne Policewoman
34 Thee Tharontan Wanichnanthatada Actor, Model Mr Cosplay
Ben Punyaphon Phunphiphat Actress Mrs Cosplay
35 Thongthong Mokjok Comedian, Actor Beauty Queen Mentor
Jik Naowarat Yuktanan Actress Beauty Queen Mentor
36 Bom Kantapat Permpoon-patcharasuk Singer, Actor Healthy Guy
Ae Maneerat KhamUan Actress Healthy Girl
37 Than Thanakon Actor Fighter
Pattai Deejai Actress Fighter
38 Pai Partith Pisitkul Actor Star & Moon King
Kratip Chawankon Wanthanaphisitkun Actress Star & Moon Queen
Mai Sukonthawa Kerdnimit Actress, Model Cleopatra
40 Chaloemphon Thikhamphon-thirawong Actor Archaeologist
Ood Pentor Comedian Caveman Flintstone
Tuarae Chernyim Comedian Deadly Witchdoctor
42 Kratip Chawankon Wanthanaphisitkun Actress Sub. Lieutenant Tippuko
At Orn-Arnich Peerachakajornpat Actress Woosenko's Sister
Nulek Kaka Konbai Comedienne Scientist
46 Nui Chernyim Actor Ninja Master
Hedpor Chernyim Comedienne Ninja
Nui Thanawat Prasitsomporn DJ, Actor Conman
Thongthong Mokjok Comedian, Actor Sub. Lieutenant Tongutongu