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Here you'll find loads of info on the cult Japanese gameshow Takeshi's Castle.
We have a comprehensive guide to the games and cast, a complete episode guide for the original Japanese series and the half-hour Challenge version, a media page full of videos and music, and also a forum for you to chat to other Keshi-heads.

Campaign: Takeshi's Castle UK DVD
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Ever since Takeshi's Castle first hit UK TV screens, fans have been asking where they can by a DVD of the series. The UK reversioning has now been on air for over a decade, but there has still been no DVD release. We want to fix this!

Our last campaign, to get a new series of Takeshi's Castle produced by Challenge, was a success (in that we made it happen - ignore the way it turned out!), so we're launching another - this time with the aim of getting Takeshi's Castle released on DVD in the UK for the first time.

Hopefully, with enough signatures, we can show that there's more than enough interest to warrant a DVD release.

We have planned out an episode list to make it easier for potential distributors to see what could be created. This includes the 13 Best Of episodes, the original A-Z of Takeshi's Castle, and three new and exclusive never-before-seen episodes to be voiced by Craig Charles.
For more information on these episodes please click here.

If you'd like to see a UK Takeshi's Castle DVD released then please get involved in our campaign! Take a minute to sign the petition, and pass the link on to anyone you think may be interested. With enough support we can make it happen!

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